Nana Camille’s first solo musical recording, The Iron Pot Cooker (1975) is where the hit song Praise You was sampled from.

Writer and activist Kevin Powell makes note of the original album, “Without question, The Iron Pot Cooker is a precursor to Lauryn Hill’s best-seller The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill.”

A few other high reviews: Billboard Magazine: “…Yarbrough has stylish traces of Nina Simone and Gil Scott-Heron but her own style of singing and recitation … are outstanding. Her songs are all thought-provoking.”

 SPIN Magazine: Nana Camille is a “hip-hop foremother.”

CDNOW: “The most important rediscovery of the year…”


In contemporary pop cultural circles, Nana Camille is known as the singer whose song and
vocals were sampled on the international mega-hit, Praise You, by techno-musician Fatboy
Slim. Her first solo musical recording, The Iron Pot Cooker (1975) is where the hit song Praise You originated.