Who is Camille Yarbrough?

Nana Camille Yarbrough is an award-winning performance artist, author, cultural activist, educator, and griot.
In the 1970’s she combined all of her talents and began her writing career.
Her published works have appeared in The New York Times, The Black Collegian Magazine, and The Journal of African Civilization.
In 1979 Cornrows, the award-winning, groundbreaking family book that Essence magazine called “a gem,” was published and later three more books followed:
The Shimmershine Queens,
The Little Tree Growing in the Shade,
and Tamika and the Wisdom Rings.
Nana Camille states: “Being a griot or storyteller is what I was born to do. I come from a kinship line that was re-born to re-tell our story. We must tell it to the young, tell it to the old…everyone grows when our family story is told!”