You are about to enter a world of spirit, culture and consciousness…
It is a place where music, rhythms, poetry & the spoken word
meet in a dance of upliftment
dedicated to ancient culture
and in perfect tune with the times we live in today…

You have not only purchased and EP
You have bought into a concept
Built over the years by a Sista Woman, Griot, Jali, African Queen Mother
Who has understood and accepted the calling from deep within her soul
of those who came before and who call
across the illusion of time for those who have ears to hear
and courage to speak our truth to the world…

Welcome to Camille Yarbrough’s ANCESTOR HOUSE

Ancestor House is a Band
Ancestor House is a TV Show
Ancestor House is a Website
Ancestor House is the foundation for
the African American Traditions Workshop
built by this Word Warrior
Who follows the spirit of Nommo
in performances, lectures and workshops
which take her around the world

As you listen to this mini album, highlighting the way for her new soon to be released, full blown cd, you will feel the journey that has taken our Sista from the Windy City of Chicago, to the Cultural Capital, Harlem USA and on into West Afrika to be welcomed by the GA people of Ghana to take her place on the stool of her ancestor’s with a sacred commitment to “tell our story” on the power platforms of theatre, radio, tv and recordings.This project captures the “live” performance energy of Sista Camille and the band at Joe’s Pub in New York City and on into late night sessions Uptown at City College.This story moves from places you know… to places you grow. From the Africentric Roll call of “Ancestor House” to the call and response tradition of “Can I Get A Witness” to the living truth of the inner emotional frustration of trying to say the right thing in a relationship, “But It Come Out Mad”, to the acknowledgement of those icons, “The Elder’s” holding us and the culture up because they always knew it was about “Family Forever.” Its true that the Light may be ‘off’ out there sometimes, But don’t curse the darkness., light a candle and let the words and music of Camille Yarbrough’s Ancestor House take you ‘Home…’

~Imhotep Gary Byrd   World Griot, Radio GBE

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